About Us

Vineyard College is a non-stock and non-profit Educational Institution established with the main purpose of providing quality basic, technical /vocational, higher and advanced education responsive to the need of time and society.

  • Vineyard College envisions the young as an empowered servant: a leader; an individual equipped with the right attitude, a competent young person prepared with the right skills and training.
  • Instilled in every Vineyard graduate that there is no “I in team”.
  • Polished individuals not only in their profession but especially their inner self.
  • Care for others to establish good relationship with the society.

To realize our vision, we commit ourselves to live the spirit of Vineyard College and become a center for quality education and training. We also commit ourselves to impart excellence to every student by being a learning community that maximizes the use of modern technology, fun-learning environment and respect.

The College has put in place the following forming part of its strengths as an international training center:

  • National Registration –  The College is registered with the Phillippines’ Department of Education (DepEd), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and The Department of Tourism (DOT).
  • Industry-standard facilities – It is equipped with industry-standard hospitality and culinary training facilities and resources, simulating the real workplace.
  • Direct industry linkage with various hotels and resorts all over Asia and Australia.
  • Respect and concern for students and colleagues.
  • Leadership and accountability for performance and actions.
  • Effective collaboration and teamwork.
  • Innovation and productive engagement between students and staff.

Program Registrations