Our Edge

Class Rooms

Air conditioned class rooms are designed for the conducive learning of the students.

Computer Lab

Learn the basic concepts, practice the mediums in computer programming, and design your very own web art at our computer laboratory that caters to the computer-related subjects and courses.


An arena of knowledge that caters to students’ research and home works. This is the area where students learning is assisted with a wide array of references.


May it be Western or Asian, learn to cook with art inside our state-of-the-art kitchen that offers you a view of the city.

Hotel Simulation Room

Have a taste of luxury in our hotel simulation room, crafted with the best architectural design that is 5-star inspired.

Speech Lab

Learn to speak the universal language at our speech laboratory where students partake in their English subjects.

Housekeeping Room/Laboratory

Bed set-up, basic cleaning procedures and housekeeping theoritical concepts; all these and more about Housekeeping are discussed and taught efficiently in our housekeeping laboratory.

Front Office Simulation

A hotel lobby replica that has five-star touch of international hotels reinforces students to simulate themselves in the field of front office services.

Casino Simulation Room

We bring the fabulous Las Vegas atmosphere to you in one classroom. Learn and train the arts of card dealing courses at our casino simulation room.

Bartending Area

Cocktails or Mock tails, experience and learn to mix liquors with the art of cocktails and mock tails garnishing. Serving customers in a luxurious bar atmosphere is an experience you won’t dare to miss as a student.

Program Registrations