Bachelor’s Degree Programs

(Major in Marketing Management)

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management prepares the students with the skills necessary to fit in today and the future’s business demands. Furthermore, this degree focuses on integrating theory and practice so that graduates possess the ability to communicate and understand effectively. Students will gain from the technological emphasis of the College, which helps to better prepare them for their career choices.

(Major in Human Resource Development Management)

To create a basic understanding about the concepts of Human Resource Management, along with HR processes, including recent developments, and practical tools in the field of Human Resource Management, which are required to become a Successful Human Resource Manager.


The Tourism and Hospitality industry is the world’s fastest and largest industry that offers a wide range of opportunities that promises a rewarding career. The Hotel and Restaurant Management program responds to this challenge with a highly comprehensive blend of practical and theoretical courses. The program’s practical-based training is increasingly recognized as a standard to promoting excellence required in today’s world. Graduates of Hotel and Restaurant Management will have a broad base of management and technical skills, which equips them to work in an international hospitality environment.

Associate Programs (2 Years)


This two-year diploma program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and practical skills needed to succeed for a career in the hospitality and tourism industry. This large industry has a continuous demand for highly skilled, people-oriented graduates with good service orientation and managerial techniques. Although the hospitality industry involves long hours and shift work, it can also be rewarding. To acquaint students with these working conditions, we simulate our practical programs as if they are working in the real world, thus making them prepared to tackle any obstacles that the hospitality industry has in store for them.


This program was developed in consultation with industry stakeholders to meet the growing needs for qualified managers and leaders in the Hospitality, Tourism and Gaming Entertainment industry. The goal of the program is to provide quality training in the field of gaming and hospitality to take advantage of this growing and vibrant field.


Our Office and Business Management program is designed for students who seek positions in the field of management. This course will help prepare our students for work in the business industry and government agencies. The course covers areas of planning, administration, and staffing, analytical and organizational skills. With this diploma in office & business management, students can specialize in such fields as accounting, information systems, public relations, and industrial management.


The Computer Programming program provides the training in technical programming courses that builds a basis for many technical applications. This program is designed for students who are interested in the area of data and computer processing. Person who hold a bachelor’s degree which is not computer related can also pursue this program when looking for a career change.

Certificate Programs (TESDA Registered Programs)


This condensed TESDA course is designed to train students in writing codes that run computer programs. This course is a direct response to the growing need for computer, technology, and IT professionals all over the world.


This is a condensed TESDA program that is designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to individuals who wish to work in the housekeeping department of the hospitality industry. Students are trained in preparing guest rooms, doing the laundry, dry cleaning of clothes, and the cleaning of equipment and premises.


The food and hospitality industries are going strong both here and abroad, providing plenty of opportunity for those who wish to build a career in these industries. The Food and Beverage Services NC II Program is designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills that will allow students to become successful workers in establishments such as restaurants, clubs, hotels, and resorts.


The Bread and Pastry Production NC II Program is a TESDA course that aims to teach and train students in preparing pastries and other desserts to be served in restaurants, hotels, resorts, and other food service establishments. The program also includes training in bakery products decoration, desserts packaging, safety awareness, and accident prevention.


The Bartending NC II training program is designed to produce graduates who are provided with the necessary bartending knowledge and properly trained on how to operate a bar, mix drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and provide wine service. The program also includes training in basic customer service.


This TESDA certification program provides students with fundamental knowledge and skills in Culinary Arts, from the use of various kitchen tools to the preparation and cooking of both hot and cold meals. Students will get to know appetizers, salads, main courses, and desserts. They will also be able to prepare complete menus. Graduates of this course are expected to be ready for employment in international hotels and cruise lines.


This condensed TESDA program is designed to train students in providing assistance to guests who wish to make reservations at commercial establishments such as hotels, inns, pension houses, and resorts. Graduates of this course are expected to develop skills in computer operations, customer service, and night audit, among other things.


The Automotive Servicing NC II program is a short course designed to provide proper training to individuals who wish to build careers in the automotive industry. Graduates of this program will be equipped with ample knowledge and skills in engine mechanical systems, steering systems, clutch systems, brake systems, and overhauling manual transmission, among other automotive systems.


The Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC II program is a condensed TESDA certification course meant to prepare students for a career as Shielded Metal Arc Welders. Students are trained in following layouts, blueprints, work orders, diagrams, and welding procedures. They are also provided with hands-on training in fusing pipe components and carbon steel plates.


This Certificate Program helps to prepare students and train them how to systematically keep financial records of a certain business. Completion of this program will aid the students learn how to prepare financial statements, differentiate assets & liabilities and become aware of the process in accounting and business.

Program Registrations